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The package comes with a Gift Certificate for a HydraDermabrasion and Keratin Lash Lift, and a Orsuins 24K Gold Purifying Cleanser.


*Gift bag/box not included.

Gift Package with HydraDermabrasion, Keratin Lash Lift, Orsuins Gold Cleanser

SKU: 0003
$334.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
  • HydraDermabrasion Facial provides glowing skin by resurfacing the skin with the use of a vibrating tipped pen combined with the cleaning action of a vacuum. Using this technology, debris is removed from pores with painless suction and as the final step, the skin is then saturated with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow!

    Keratin Lash Lift is a lash treatment that results in a more youthful, wide-eyed appearance and gives the effect of longer, fuller-looking lashes. Results last anywhere from 6-8 weeks!

    Orsuins 24K Gold Purifying Cleanser gently cleanses the skin of debris without stripping down all the moisture. 24K Gold flakes are massaged onto the skin and leave you with a radient glow!

  • No returns or exchanges.

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